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The Women's Resource Centre is committed to giving the women and youth of Flin Flon and surrounding area the resources to feel safe, heard and loved. We offer a number of programs and services that help us to acheive this.

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We offer a number of programs and services to help support and empower the women and children of our area.

Central Support

Services are provided in a manner which respects client confidentiality and the right to privacy. To provide financial administration, policy making, program management and maintenance of the Women's Safe Haven/Resource Service Inc.

Counselling Services

To provide assistance to women who are planning long-term and ongoing changes to their personal lives through individual counselling, outreach counselling and support groups. To provide women with information and support to make informed decisions.

Support Group

We have offered various groups for women in the Flin Flon and surrounding area. Some topics include abusive relationships, cycle of violence, power & control, safety planning, self-esteem, anger management, self-care, stress management, parenting skills, single parents support, and addiction. We also held various youth groups for the community on body image, self-esteem, dating violence, and healthy & unhealthy relationships, and teen violence.

For information on the support programs currently available check out our facebook page.

Information and Referral Services

Offer support to women which assist them to make informed decisions in their lives by providing information upon request as well as referral to other appropriate services. Where necessary, support and accompaniment are provided to enable women to interact and vegotiate with other social services and related services.

Community-Based Second Stage Program

To provide assistance to women who have left an abusive relationship and reside in public or private housing. Community-based Second Stage Program is for women who are somewhat independent and for whom living in a violence free atmosphere along with successful experiences in social, family and work relationships is sufficiant for them to move towards independent lifestyles and the development of non-abusive, reciprocal relationships.

Emergency Short-Term Interim Housing

Emergency accommodation is part of the continuum of services for abused women and their children who reside in geographic locations where immediate access to shelter is difficult, due to the distance. Our Interim Housing Program (Sfe Haven) offers immediate, protective, short-term accommodations, and is available on a voluntary basis. There is no fee charged to clients for accommodations.

Youth Counselling Services

The goal of Youth Counselling Services is prevention of violence against women and girls, by educating youth to recognize the signs of abuse before becoming involved.

The Youth Worker provides educational workshops/presentations on prevention of violence to local schools and Youth Centers. Presentations on topics such as healthy relationships, communication, bullying and anger management are covered. This will include outreach to Cranberry Portage and Sherridon.

The Youth Workers go into shools and Youth Centers to offer one-on-one and group counselling sessions for youth of gender identities ages 11 - 18. One-on-one couselling for youth in abusine relationships is also available.

Traditional Knowledge Teachings

The Women's Resource Centre proudly presents Cindy O'Nabigon as our Traditional Kowledge Keeper as well as Counsellor. Cindy is available for the following services;

  • Medicine wheel Teachings
  • Smudging/ Cleansing Ceremonies
  • Drumming/Singing
  • Beadwork/Crafts
  • Ribbon Skirt Making/Teachings
  • Feast/Naming Ceremonies
  • Full Moon Teachings
  • The 7 Teachings

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