Walk A Mile In Her Shoes
Annually During Trout Festival

The men of our community bring awareness to the seriousness of violence against women

Building a Stronger Community Together

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

Male Volunteers Needed
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Would You Walk a Mile In Heels?

Walk a mile in her shoes is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the seriousness of violence towards women.

Event Details

  • What: A one-mile walk in heels
  • Where: Pioneer Square on Main Street, Flin Flon
  • When: Friday of Canada Day Long Weekend
  • Why: Raise funds for the Flin Flon safe Haven and show your support for ending violence against women

How Can You Participate

  • Register by calling (204) 681-3105
  • Fundraise
  • Then put on your heels and walk a mile on the first Friday of the Canada Long Weekend to show your support!

Make Sure To Join The Talk While You Walk The Walk

It's critical to open communication about violence towards women. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get people talking. Peopl unfamiliar with violence against women don't want to know it exists. It's ugly. Victims themselves want to forget about it. How do you get people talking now, so they can prevent it from happening? And if it's already happened, how do you help them recover. "A lot of people aren't comfortable talking about these kinds of things, so when you add humour... it makes them take down their guard a little bit and open be open to hearing the message," said former Executive Director, Colleen Arnold.

ladies, is there a man in your life (your husband, father, son, brother, uncle, co-worker, etc.) Who you feel should participate?
send out a challenge to them today!

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