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The Women's Resource Centre is committed to giving the women and youth of Flin Flon and surrounding area the resources to feel safe, heard and loved. We offer a number of programs and services that help us to acheive this.

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We offer a number of programs and services to help support and empower the women and children of our area.

Will my abuser be able to find me?

Flin Flon’s Interim Housing have a lot of security measures and practices in place to ensure your safety. For example, staff will not talk to anyone without your permission. We also have trained staff and a secure place designed to keep you and the other residents safe.

Who pays for my stay?

We receive funding to cover some operating costs and also raise money from the community to cover costs.

How long can I stay?

On average, stays are short-term – 3 to 10 days. They may be shorter or longer depending on your situation. Each stay is different. To find specific information please call The Women’s Safe Haven at 681-3105 or you can look up the contact information of your local shelter at the Find A Shelter section of the Shelternet website.

How safe will my children and I be at the Safe Haven?

The Safe Haven has been set up to be safe places for you and your children. There are rules in place to help protect your confidentiality. Your safety is our highest priority and there are many practices that we follow to keep everyone safe. You will also be asked to observe the safety guidelines.

What kind of rooms are available?

Family-size rooms are available so your children can stay with you. Sometimes, you may have to share your room with another family. Single women will likely share a room with other single women.

Can I continue to work while I am staying at the Safe Haven?

Yes, you can continue to work if it is safe to do so. If you have children, you will have to arrange safe child care while you are working. Sometimes we may be able to help you with those arrangements.

You may want to talk with your supervisor or to human resources at your workplace in case you need to make alternate arrangements to avoid contact with your abuser. For instance, you may not want your partner to be allowed on the property to pick up you or your children. Talk to your Counselor about your personal safety plan.

Will I have access to a phone, computer and internet?

There are telephones available and a computer may be available for you upon request.

I am on a special diet. Can the Safe Haven accommodate that?

Every effort will be made to accommodate special dietary needs. You will need to let staff members know about any dietary requirements you or your children have.

Is the Safe Have accessible for persons with disabilities?

We are not wheelchair accessible, which may require a transfer to the nearest Shelter.

Are pets allowed?

Pets cannot stay with you at the Safe Haven. Check with us to see what type of special arrangements can be made with the local animal care centers in our area.

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