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The Women's Resource Centre is committed to giving the women and youth of Flin Flon and surrounding area the resources to feel safe, heard and loved. We offer a number of programs and services that help us to achieve this.

united to end violence against women

Help is just a click away

We offer a number of programs and services to help support and empower the women and children of our area.

What is the Women's Safe Haven?

It is a safe place where you can get emergency housing and food for you and your children. We also provide counselling, support and referral. Our after hours 24 hour crisis phone line is 1-204-271-5375 or call to find the Manitoba Shelter nearest you.

Where can I turn for help? Help is only a telephone call or internet click away. If you are in the Flin Flon Area you can contact us by phone at 1-204-681-3105. If you are elsewhere in Canada, you can use the Find A Shelter section of the Shelternet website to locate help nearest you.

Should I call the Safe Haven before I go?

Yes, your 1-204-681-3105 call will go to the Women’s Resource Centre for an assessment and referral to our Safe Haven. After hours you will need to call 1-204-271-5375 to make arrangements. If you believe your personal safety is at risk, call your local police detachment for immediate help and go immediately to a safe place.

How can I find the exact location and address of the Safe Haven? We do not have the address listed in the phone book, or display them on the internet. You can go to the Women’s Resource Centre at 60 Hapnot Street during regular working hours for referral or you can call 1-204-271-5375 for directions on how to get there, as well as information and support.

Can I get help with transportation to the Safe Haven?

We have special arrangements with one of the local taxi services to help get you to the Safe Haven safely. Each shelter is different, it is best to call the local shelter to understand how they can help you arrive safely.

When is the Safe Haven open? Our Safe Haven is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. You can call the shelter or look at its web site to find its hours of operation.

What do I need to bring with me to the shelter?

You may not have the time to gather a lot of things. If you are in danger, leave immediately. You may want to call the police to help you leave safely. In some cases, police may help you get to the Safe Haven or to the nearest shelter.If you are not in immediate danger, consider bringing along as many of the following items as you can:

  • identification
  • birth certificates for you and your children
  • health cards
  • court orders
  • Social Insurance Number cards for you and your children
  • school and medical records, including the telephone numbers of the school and your family doctor or clinic
  • money, bankbooks, cheque book and credit cards
  • keys - house, car, office
  • drivers license and car registration documents
  • prescribed medication and vitamin supplements
  • social assistance documents
  • passport, visas and work permits, immigration papers
  • address book
  • family photographs, your diary, jewelry, small items of sentimentsl value
  • your children's favorite items of clothing and toys

We are able to provide you with basic toiletries and clothing.

What if the Safe Haven is full?

We will work with you to help you find a safe place.

Are there other community resources available if I decide I don’t need to use the Safe Haven?

In our community there are other resources such as lawyers, health and counseling services. The staff of the Women’s Resource Centre can help you to learn more about what is available.

In an emergency or if you are in immediate danger, police and emergency services can assist you. In Flin Flon and many other communities you can call 9-1-1 for assistance. If your community does not have 9-1-1 services try to find the emergency services number and keep it with you

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