Family Violence is an important social issue with consequences for victims, their families and society. Annual societal consequences translate in billions of dollars spent in social, education, criminal justice, labour, employment, health and medical services.

The Silent Witness Project first began in the United States in 1991 and since then, has been embraced by 30 countries. New Brunswick was the first province to bring the Silent Witness to Canadians in 2000, followed by Alberta and later Manitoba in 2005. The focus of the project is to pay tribute to a Flin Flon woman whose life ended by a violent partner, create awareness about the nature and realities of family violence, and to promote action-to acknowledge the need to ensure that resources are available for women living in abusive relationships…. to build on the systems that we already have in place and to encourage individual, community and government action to end all forms of violence in our society.

On this day we have two silhouettes of women. One representing the women we are paying tribute to. The second is called “Remember Me” and it asks us

  • to remember all the women who have been murdered and whose murder remains unsolved, or whose case remains before the courts
  • to remember all the women whose murder is not recognized as a homicide – women who took their own lives to escape the cycle of violence
  • to remember all the women who live in abuse, who continue to live at risk of violence or harm.
  • to remember all the women who live and die in their senseless context of violence.

We pay tribute to Sandi O’Brien (Born April 1, 1957 – Killed January 10 1989)

Sandi was originally from Flin Flon, Sandi left her husband in May 1988 and in September she made her move to The Pas to finish her administrative course and to get her children away from the area. In January 1989 Sandi went to see a lawyer to start custody and divorce proceedings, but on this same day her ex-husband decided to take her life, to take away the mother of Ture (14) and Lana (3), to take her away from them forever. A mother lost…. a sister lost…. a friend to many in Flin Flon and the surrounding area lost….. Sandi you know you are loved and remembered everyday!

Violence against women is something that impacts the entire community. When it results in murder, the impact is devastating.

Contact your nearest Centre or Shelter to find out about the services, programs and volunteer opportunities they provide.

Flin Flon Women’s Resource Centre



Aurora House in The Pas


24 hour crisis line